Nosework Games
Nosework Games

Nosework is a new dog sport that is continuously growing across the United States. It is a motivational sport that can be taught towards any breed regardless their size and temperament. This new dog sport employs the similar techniques used for K9 detection dogs who search for objects through smell. In the normal dog owner's case, nosework is when you're sniffing out specific smells like aniseed oil while a K9 dog would search for illegal objects such as drugs.

This website provides a variety of information and offers equipment for nosework training. With excellent training from professional Andrew Ramsey, hopes to give you the best access to the highest quality information and equipment possible.

Nosework Equipment

Tuffy Bone

Nosework Scent Kit

Leather Leashes

Zuke's Mini Naturals
$30.00 - $47.00
$12.74 - $15.99

Clovebud Oil

Nosework with Andrew Ramsey

Andrew Ramsey is a professional dog trainer who lives in the bay area of San Francisco and specializes in training nose work dogs and some police service dogs. His nosework training program is a reward based training system. This means the dog learns that if it finds and indicates on the desired odor it will get a high value reward. Which reward the dog gets depends on the individual dog. Some dogs like a tug, some dogs like a toy and some dogs work best for food.
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Nosework Demonstration

Urban Nosework

37 Minute Introduction
to Nosework