Nosework Games
Nosework Games

Nosework with Andrew Ramsey

Nose work is a dog sport easily trainable to household pets. Nose work is used in the police force to detect legal odors. It works for any dog regardless of breed, temperament, and size. These dogs can also compete in nosework competitions.

We have Andrew Ramsey teaching these nose work techniques. These techniques are 100% motivational with no correction executed at any level. Since there are no correction, every dog has the chance to compete in nosework competitions.

Obedience training is not mandatory when it comes to nose work. Additionally, training nose work won't affect your dog if they are training for agility or competition obedience.

Military working dogs and narcotic detection dogs sniff out the odor of explosives and narcotics. In nose work, dogs will be taught to detect legal odors such as Birch, Aniseed, or Cloves. The way nose work is taught is the same as how military working dogs or narcotics detection dogs are taught.

With experience in training military detection dogs, Andrew Ramsey has broken down these nose work training steps into bite size chunks. This helps give hosehold pets the ability to become a competitor. Even dogs with environmental or social behavioral problems can be very good nosework dogs.

Nose work started out in the west coast and has since then grown rapidly. There is only one organization in which people can officially compete with nose work. I wouldn't be surprised if another organization was made for it.

Andrew Ramsey is a professional dog trainer residing in the bay area of San Francisco. He specializes in training nosework dogs as well as police service dogs.

Before getting into dog training business, Andrew spent 6 years working for the Department of Defense in a military working dog program called the Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. The Lackland training facility is where military and TSA train their service dogs.

Andrew incorporates marker training as well as many other concepts from the Michael Ellis food and tug DVDs. This program is a reward-based training system. When the dog finds the desired odor, it will receive a high-value reward. These rewards can vary from a tug to a toy or even a treat.

This site's goal is to help dog owners set up nose work training success. We'll be explaining the set up of the training area to introducing the dog to an odor. Trainers will learn how to establish a search pattern and be able to teach a focused response when the dog finds the odor.