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About Ed Frawley
Ed Frawley is the owner of Leerburg. He has had over 50 years of dog training and continues to take care of his dogs today. Ed Frawley began filiming for various dog shows in the early 80's. He now produces the best quality dog training videos for a variety of topics ranging from marker training to dog obedience to aggressive dog control. With over 120 videos produced in the past 30 years, Ed Frawley still continues to make videos today in hopes of teaching dog trainers new training techniques.

Dog training isn't rocket science. Ed Frawley aims to teach this to all dog owners. Dog training is merely common sense. Chances are, there is someone you know who thinks they know how you should train your dog. The problem here is that many of these people don't have that experience. Inexperienced information leads to bad dog training.

Having taught dog training for so many years, Ed Frawley hopes that individuals can find a proper way to train their dog. Ed Frawley is a strong believer in corrections but also employs positive marker and clicker training techniques. Being the dog pack leader is important and crucial.

Leerburg Enterprises was previously known as Leerburg Kennel and Video. Since the early 80's, Ed Frawley has been taping competitions and now helps produce training videos with professional dog trainers such as Michael Ellis and Andrew Ramsey. Ed Frawley has assisted in the whelping of over 300 litters, the company being also a kennel. Leerburg is no longer a kennel as it's aim is now focused on providing the best products and quality videos.