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Nosework Games

Fun Nosework for Dogs

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Teach your dog to enjoy using his nose...

Did you ever think your dog could play cards by using his (or her) nose? Locate lost keys or other valuables? Find people hiding in the woods? Track you no matter where you have walked?

If you dog can find the supper dish, your dog can do this!

By following the author's step-by-step instructions, you will have your canine companion using that amazing nose in no time.

Giving a dog the opportunity to develop his mind opens doors for both dog and handler... and promotes a sense of satisfaction along with a feeling of bonding with your pet. Happy dog equals happy owner!

If your dog happens to have a nose on the end of his, er... nose, try getting him to use it. If your dog finds your lost wallet with all your credit cards just once, neither of you will regret it!

No matter what your training level or goal--from pets to working dogs--you can start having FUN with your dog right away.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Second Edition

Introduction to Nosework

Basic Nosework Training

Scent Discrimination

Identifying Individual Humans
Training Scent Discrimination
Advanced Scent Discrimination
Your Different Scent Locations
Discriminating Between Body Parts
Your Scent vs. Another Person's
Searching for Articles
Training the Article Search
Searching for Large (Irretrievable) Articles
Hunt the Thimble
Searching for People (Hide and Seek)
Searching Large Areas
Building Searches
Kitchen Cupboard Fun!
Scenting Essences
Distinguishing Between Essences
Discriminating Between Hot and Cold Water Taps
Demonstrating Your Dog's Abilities
Playing Cards
Training to Play with Cards
Playing with Dominoes
How to Use "Choice" to Your Advantage
Chess Pieces
Tracking - The Roy Hunter Way
Equipment for Tracking Training
The Figure Eight Tracking Harness
Reading Your Dog
The Line Drill
Track Laying Skills
Practice Tracks

Track Number One: The Ten Yard Track
Using Food in Tracking Training
Track Number Two: The Twenty Yard Track
The Thirty Yard Track
The Second Day's Tracks
The Rest of the Week
Week Two
Week Three and Beyond
Intermediate Articles and Article Indication
Tracking on Different Terrain
Obstacles on the Track
Track Laying Do's and Don'ts
Cross Tracks
Fun with Cross Tracks
Laying Your Own Cross Tracks
Train for Difficulties
Hard Surface Tracking
Training Hard Surface Tracking
Distraction Training
In Closing

Appendix: Foundation Exercises
Alert By Barking
Play Rewards
Walking a Dog on Either Side

About the Author

Roy Hunter knows a little something about dogs. Even after forty years with them, he is quick to tell you that he is not an expert and he is still learning from all the people and who flocked to his classes, seminars, courses and games days near his home in Stambourne, England and throughout Britain.

Retired from the Metropolitan Police Force in London after twenty-five years (sixteen in the Dog Section--at one time Deputy Chief Instructor at the largest Police Dog Establishment in Europe), Roy finished his fifteenth consecutive year coming to the US in 1998.

Roy has given seminars all over the world on all types of dog training from Police Work, Obedience Instructor's Courses, Nosework Courses, Fun and Games, Agility, Competitive Obedience (he is a Working Trials Judge)... you name it!

In 1995 he published his first book in the United States--Fun and Games with Dogs. Continuing in the same style of having fun with your dog, Roy has added Fun Nosework for Dogs so that you too can teach your dog to enjoy using his amazing nose... Look for Roy's other popular books: MORE Fun and Games with Dogs and FUNctional Dog Training... all published by Howln Moon Press.