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Nylon Adjustable Harness

Nylon Adjustable Harness
$8.99 - $15.99

Product Description

The Nylon Adjustable Harnesses are available in four different sizes to fit most dogs. The high quality nylon is thick and strong and specially processed to prevent fraying. These nylon products are carefully and neatly finished for the best look and durability. Perfect for use with young dogs and puppies in beginning bite training or Ring Sport Training.

Colors may vary.

  1. Preadjust harness to approximate size before placing on dog.
  2. With D-ring on top (facing closest to dog's tail), and buckle unfastened, place pet's head through loop.
  3. Insert left leg through shoulder opening.
  4. Bring free strap behind right leg and snap buckle together.
  5. Use slide adjustments for final fit.
  6. NOT to be used for tie-out.
XSmall 3/8" Wide Straps Girth Size: 10" - 18"
Small 5/8" Wide Straps Girth Size: 14" - 24"
Medium 3/4" Wide Straps Girth Size: 18" - 30"
Large 1" Wide Straps Girth Size: 22" - 36"